The natural, two-step solution to non-surgical bum lifting

A Brazilian bum: everyone would like to have one, yet few would be prepared to go for surgery to achieve it, hence the popularity of so many “non-surgical bum lift treatments”.

Lack of exercise, excess calorie intake, sugar intake, sitting down for long periods of time and normal ageing, all result in skin looseness, the accumulation of excess fat, cellulite and water retention on the buttock area, leading to an enlarged and saggy bottom with puffy, spongy skin.

Georgios Tzenichristos, skin tightening and cellulite expert at London-based Lipotherapeia clinic, explains what is needed to achieve that sought after ‘butt lift’ without the surgery.

“Bum lifting requires you to work both on the inside and the outside, in order to achieve best results. Working only on either will produce limited results. You cannot exercise your skin with weights and you cannot tighten up the muscles with a treatment”, Georgios says.

“That’s great, but I don’t want to bulk up my thighs in order to lift my butt”, most women would argue. However, according to Georgios, “The ‘gluteus maximus’, the main muscle on the bum and the one that gives it its round, lifted shape, is the only muscle in the body that everyone, man or woman, would like to have more of. The bigger the better! The more bulky and toned the 'glut max' muscles are, the more lifted and round your bum will look, without looking fat.”

The solution then is to isolate just the gluteus maximus and nothing else, so that thighs don’t look bulky and the bum looks lifted and round, right?

“Correct”, Georgios says, with one small proviso: exercises will only work on the inside, but for best results, some work on the outside, i.e. the skin is also needed. 

“Exercise works on the inside, a strong skin tightening treatment works on the outside, and the two meet in the middle, for a really impressive bum lift without surgery“, Georgios explains.

Georgios’ two-step plan comprises high intensity 'glut max' exercises you can do at home and a strong radiofrequency treatment for skin tightening and lifting.

“Unfortunately most such treatments are a waste of time, despite all the tabloid and internet hype, because the radiofrequency used is either too superficial or too weak - or both. The only radiofrequency treatment that does work, is 'high power, deep tissue radiofrequency', that is strong enough and acts deep enough inside the skin, and that’s why we only use that at the clinic. Anything else, just doesn’t really work, especially for the more curvy women, who actually need the treatment the most.”, Georgios explains.

Regarding the gluteus maximus exercises, things are much simpler.

Georgios suggests hip bridges with a weight placed on top of your pelvis; work on the hip extension machine; donkey kicks with weights placed on the ankles; or dead lifts. These are the best exercises to isolate the gluteus maximus, without bulking up the quads, which most women don’t want. However, if you also want to tone up your quads, you can add the usual lunges and squats into this routine.

Just use enough weight so that your gluteus muscle gets exhausted after 10-12 reps, and do 3-5 sets of those per day, 2-3 times a week. That’s all that’s needed. 

The exercises will provide great results without surgery, by lifting the gluteus maximus on the inside. And if you are a perfectionist, you can also have the high power, deep tissue radiofrequency treatment, in order to tighten/lift the skin and reduce cellulite on the outside, for that coveted 'Brazilian bum' look.

"One word of warning though: no machine or treatment can add volume (i.e. fat) to the bum to create the 'bubble butt' look out of a flat or a small bum, despite claims made by some practitioners. This requires the addition of fat and its sculpting into a round shape, which can only happen with a surgical fat transfer. Just don’t believe the hype." Georgios warns.

So in summary, if you want a pert, rounder bum, focus on your glut max exercises; add extra lift, tightness and smoothness to your bum with a strong, deep tissue RF treatment; and if in addition to that you really, really want a 'bubble butt' and your bum is small, surgical fat transfer is the only solution.


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