"Plié squats", "clockwork lunges" and "hip bridges"? Forget about cellulite exercises, they simply do not exist.

Summer is almost here and with it the frantic search for some miraculous exercises to help beat the dreaded orange peel skin on the legs. Googling “cellulite exercises” returns 10.5 million results, most of which describe impossible Yoga poses and sophisticated squat and lunge-type exercises, aiming to reduce exercise on specific body areas. 

The number one Google search result page, for example, from Prevention magazine, describes exercises with exotic names such as "Clockwork lunges", "Plié Squat With Alternating Heel Raise", "Alternating Abduction Squats", "Adduction Curtsy Lunge And Squat". Great choreography, but will it do anything for your cellulite?

The simple answer is a resounding NO. Contrary to popular belief, propagated on YouTube, fitness websites and social media, exercises to target cellulite on specific body areas, simply do not work. 

“Very simply, it is physiologically impossible to reduce fat (including cellulite fat) from a specific part of the body with exercise”, cellulite expert at LipoTherapeia, Georgios Tzenichristos says, explaining that "This is because fat tissue from where fat is released during exercise is completely separated from muscle tissue where fat “burning” occurs during exercise".

“To put it another way, fat from your cellulite fat cells in your bum cannot magically travel through several layers of tissue and reach the adjacent buttock muscles - this is not how the body works”, Georgios adds.

Any personal trainer worth their salt will tell you that spot fat reduction (i.e. removing fat from a specific body area by exercising the muscles above that area) does not exist. As explained above, this does not make any physiological sense whatsoever and it has also been proven beyond doubt with different studies, the two most important of which Georgios presents in detail at LipoTherapeia's website.

And exactly the same applies to cellulite, which is basically superficial fat inside the skin: spot cellulite removal with exercise does not exist.

Then how on earth all these exercise and cellulite "experts" on YouTube and the internet recommend outer leg exercises to get rid of cellulite on the outer thighs or inner thigh exercises for inner thigh cellulite etc?

“Unfortunately, it's the same marketing hype / ignorance thing that makes people recommend ground coffee scrubbing and dry brushing: it sells”, Georgios answers.

Of course, vigorous, whole body exercise (e.g. interval training, running, swimming, uphill walking etc) does reduce overall cellulite. It works, and that is what Georgios recommends. Less vigorous exercise, however, such as Yoga and walking, although it helps, is not very effective in reducing cellulite fast enough for most women's liking.

So, unfortunately doing hip extensions (butt exercises, such as the one in the picture) to remove cellulite on the butt is futile. “Yes, it will tone your gluteus maximus muscle and lift your bum, but never in a million years will it specifically reduce bum fat or butt cellulite”, Georgios asserts.

So the next time you see a YouTube video or an article with pictures of cellulite exercises and "five Yoga positions to lose bum fat and cellulite", don't waste your time with that misinformation. Do some interval running instead.




Georgios’ skin tightening, cellulite and anti-ageing treatments are exclusively available from his practice at the Chelsea Private Clinic in London (www.lipotherapeia.com). Georgios can be contacted at lipotherapeia.com/contact, on 02071182014 or by replying to this email.