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Leg wellness in the summer

Summer is officially here at last and it is finally time to hit the beaches with your bikini and the streets with that colourful mini dress.

However, sunshine and high temperatures are not necessarily good for your legs, especially if you suffer from heavy, tired legs in the heat or whenever you walk/stand up a lot. The fact is that many women over the age of 30 complain about puffiness, heavy legs, and of course, cellulite in the summer.

Exercise and healthy eating (vegetables, herbs, berries, oily fish, lean protein) are essential to keep legs healthy and smooth in the summer, but sometimes healthy living is either not possible or simply not enough. 

Thankfully, nature is here to offer the extra help needed for many women. Several natural extracts are known for their leg health boosting properties, including herbal extracts, flavonoids and vitamins. These supplements can be taken orally in the form of a supplement or applied on the skin in the form of a cream. Unfortunately, however, most such creams are not trusted by consumers, as they only contain tiny concentrations of only one or two actives and thereby do not "work".


The Celluence® creams: nature to the rescue

Celluence leg wellness creams

LipoTherapeia's two Celluence® leg wellness creams are the only creams in the world to contain a total of 40x natural leg wellness actives in high concentrations, for maximum results.

Best leg wellness creams in the world - Celluence®

Actives in the two creams include circulation supporting and skin health boosting extracts of gotu kola, horse chestnut, turmeric, green coffee beans and green tea; 100% pure flavonoids such as rutin and hesperidin; concentrated vitamins such as ascorbic acid and retinol; important skin actives such as hyaluronic acid, hydroxyproline and caffeine; high purity essential oils of lemon, mandarin and menthol; all in a natural emulsion based on coconut oil and free of petrochemicals.

The result of 17 years of experience and two years of intensive research by skin tightening and cellulite experts, LipoTherapeia, the two Celluence® creams offer welcome relief for tired, heavy, puffy legs.

They are ideal in the summer, before/after a long haul flight, before/after a long day of walking (sightseeing, shopping) or before/after a long day sitting down or standing up at work.

Results are experienced literally in five minutes, with legs feeling lighter and refreshed immediately, and last for hours.


Where to buy | More information

The Celluence® creams are exclusively available from LipoTherapeia’s website ( for shipping in the UK, throughout the EU, USA, Canada and Australia). Prices start from £45 for the 100ml version. For plenty of useful information on the creams and leg wellness in general, please visit




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Celluence® is a registered EU trademark of LipoTherapeia Ltd.
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The Celluence® creams are used solely for relief purposes, do not constitute a medical product and do not aim to treat any health condition or disease. If you experience health problems, always consult a medical practitioner.