Centella asiatica, collagen and your skin: learn how skin tightening works

Centella asiatica, radiofrequency, collagen, elastin & your skin: learn how skin tightening works


Centella asiatica for skin tightening

Of all the amazing herbs that nature has to offer, and far above the “turmerics” and the “green teas” of this world, centella asiatica, the hot new skincare trend of 2018, is the most researched herb for collagen production and one of the very best for boosting circulation too.

So it it no wonder that London-based skin tightening practice LipoTherapeia have chosen centella as the herb to combine with radiofrequency for their new Meso-CRF® Body | Centella cellulite and skin firming treatment.


The best of nature and technology for skin tightening

According to research, centella asiatica not only stimulates collagen types I and III, but also prevents collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid breakdown, as well as strengthening blood vessels and blood circulation.

At the same time, high-power, deep-acting radiofrequency is now widely accepted by scientists to be the strongest skin tightening and anti-cellulite technology known today.

LipoTherapeia’s Meso-CRF® Body | Centella combines both for maximum results, naturally.


How skin firming works

Skin tightening starts with the production of collagen type III, known also as the “healing” or repairing collagen. Collagen type III provides a network as a basis for collagen type I, the skin tightening collagen, to develop. Elastin provides elasticity, to counter the rigidity of collagen type I, while hyaluronic acid provides hydration and cushioning to the skin.

“If you compare skin to your elastic skinny jean fabric, collagen type I is your cotton, while elastin and collagen type III are your Lycra, the combination offering a good balance of elasticity and firmness to skin (and to skinny jeans too!)”, LipoTherapeia’s skin tightening specialist Georgios Tzenichristos explains.

“If you aim for a non-surgical bum lift or for smooth, firm, cellulite-free skin, this is the way it’s done.”, Georgios adds.


How centella and radiofrequency work together

According to research, a compound in centella asiatica known as madecassoside, stimulates collagen type III.

At the same time, another compound in the same herb, asiaticoside, not only stimulates the synthesis of collagen type I, but also inhibits the breakdown of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, for a good all round effect on skin firming, elasticity and overall skin health. And on top of that, all four main actives in centella preserve blood vessel integrity and blood microcirculation.

Deep tissue radiofrequency is also widely known to significantly stimulate collagen type I and fat release from fat cells. In contrast to the more common superficial radiofrequency treatments which only act on the epidermis, deep acting radiofrequency acts specifically on the dermis and hypodermis, where the large collagen structures and cellulite are located.

Considering all these facts, it is easy to see why the combination of centella and deep tissue radiofrequency is such an obvious idea for cellulite and skin tightening.


Meso-CRF® Body | Centella

“We use the strongest - and yet most comfortable - deep acting radiofrequency technology currently available and an 100% purified extract of centella asiatica, solely comprising the four active components of centella asiatica. This is in contrast to watery extracts with as little as 0.5% actives, found in most cosmetic products”, Georgios, says.

“The result is a super-safe, non-invasive, pain-free, downtime-free treatment, which offers the best of both worlds: nature and technology. Still, we do not promise overnight miracles, because we know that even with the best technology in the world, the body needs time and repeated treatments to change”, Georgios clarifies.


Meso-CRF® Facial | Centella

The launch of Meso-CRF® Body | Centella comes hot on the heels of the launch of LipoTherapeia's new facial treatment, Meso-CRF® Facial | Centella, an impressive facial skin tightening treatment that also combines deep acting radiofrequency and centella asiatica and which was met with great acclaim.

Given LipoTherapeia’s 17-year expertise in cellulite and body skin tightening, Meso-CRF® Body | Centella is bound to prove equally impressive.


Cost, location, bookings

Although skin tightening and an impressive improvement in skin texture are seen immediately, LipoTherapeia suggest a course of 6-12 sessions for long-term results. Treatments typically cost £200.

Treatments are offered exclusively at LipoTherapeia @ The Courtyard, 151 Sydney Street, South Kensington/Chelsea, London, SW3 6NT. As there is no downtime and the treatment only lasts 45 minutes, it is ideal as a lunchtime procedure. For bookings, visit lipotherapeia.com/book or call 02071182014.



As with all medical and aesthetic treatments, results vary from person to person and specific results cannot be guaranteed.