Beat cellulite with turmeric, green tea and radiofrequency

Skin tightening and cellulite treatments

Hot summer legs with 'Meso-CRF Body | Turmeric', the ultimate cellulite treatment!

London-based cellulite specialists LipoTherapeia are introducing Meso-CRF Body | Turmeric, the ultimate cellulite, bum-lifting and skin tightening treatment.

Meso-CRF Body | Turmeric combines Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™, the strongest and most effective anti-cellulite and skin tightening technology, with high-concentration, high-purity curcumin (turmeric extract), as well as EGCG (purified green tea extract), resveratrol, cocoa polyphenols and hyaluronic acid. 


How it works

  • Deep Tissue Radiofrequency is widely established as the most powerful skin tightening/anti-cellulite technology
  • On the other hand, curcumin is widely researched for it's action against fibrosis, free radical damage, fat accumulation and inflammation, all important aspects of cellulite and skin looseness
  • High purity green tea extract, resveratrol, cocoa polyphenols and hyaluronic acid are also known to possess similar properties, ideal in the fight against cellulite
Curcumin for cellulite
Resveratrol for cellulite
Cocoa flavanols for cellulite
Green tea for cellulite
Hyaluronic acid for cellulite


Nature and technology

The treatment combines the best that nature and technology have to offer in the fight against cellulite and skin laxity, and is totally non-invasive, safe, pain-free and downtime-free.

And the results speak for themselves, as LipoTherapeia's unretouched before and after pictures can attest.


Why radiofrequency and curcumin?

"I have specialised in cellulite and skin tightening for the last 17 years. Over those years I have researched and practically tried all the major technologies available. Deep Tissue Radiofrequency comes out on top as the most effective technology available today for those aesthetic problems", says Georgios Tzenichristos, LipoTherapeia's director.

"As a formulator of anti-cellulite creams, I have also researched 400+ natural anti-cellulite / skin firming actives. Curcumin separates itself as the most important anti-cellulite active today, with green tea extract EGCG, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol and cocoa flavanols being close seconds, and this is why we use these specific technologies and actives for our Meso-CRF Body | Turmeric treatments.", Georgios adds.


What is so different about Deep Tissue Radiofrequency?

Most radiofrequency treatments on the market today are either too weak or too superficial.

  • Weak (low intensity) radiofrequency treatments do not properly reach the 'cellulite layer' (hypodermis), and therefore do not "work" well for cellulite (some of them they are not even strong enough for face treatments)
  • Superficial RF treatments heat the superficial skin layer (epidermis) so much that can even they burn it. well before they reach the deeper layers, and therefore they are uncomfortable, unsafe and ineffective

LipoTherapeia's solution, based on Physics (Georgios has studied Physics in the past) ensures that radiofrequency only focuses exactly where it counts (on the hypodermis), is strong and is 99.8% safe. LipoTherapeia have already provided 7000 RF sessions in 7 years, attesting to the treatment's efficacy and safety.

Radiofrequency and turmeric for cellulite reduction | LipoTherapeia


What is so different about the actives used for the treatment?

LipoTherapeia have been working with concentrated curcumin, green tea extract, cocoa, hyaluronic acid and resveratrol for several years now to enhance the efficacy of RF treatment, before launching Meso-CRF Body | Turmeric, and the key word here is "concentrated".

"The very pure - and very expensive - actives are contained in our treatment cream-gel in high concentrations for maximum results. It took us several years of continuous trial and error to come up with such a concentrated, high purity, effective formulation (most radiofrequency treatment cream-gels contain less than 1% actual actives - quite often they are just plain oil, gel or glycerine), and the results actually speak for themselves.", Georgios comments.


No hype

Even with the best that technology and nature has to offer, Georgios recommends 6-12 sessions for best results.

"There is no overnight cure. Changes in the 'cellulite tissues' take weeks to occur, not minutes, hours or days. So if I was a customer, I would steer clear of claims of instant miracle treatments, typically seen on Instagram and other social media" Georgios explains.

"We don't believe in hype and we always offer honest advice to our clients: even with the most powerful technologies and natural actives, time and repeated treatments are both necessary for long-term results. You can have a 'body wrap' and instantly - and temporarily - relieve water retention, but that is not cellulite reduction, it is a gimmick", Georgios warns.


Healthy living is essential

"Cellulite is a complicated aesthetic problem and you need to throw all the technology, natural actives, plus clean eating and regular exercise for maximum results", Georgios advises and goes on to recommend a diet high in vegetables, berry fruits, herbs, spices (including turmeric, cocoa and green tea of course!), vegetable juices, oily fish, lean meat, extra protein powder for vegetarians/vegans, low fat and low carbs - preferably black rice, quinoa and sweet potatoes.

"As for exercise, interval training, running, spinning classes, vibration training and hot yoga are ideal for cellulite reduction. For maximum bum lifting, hip extensions and squats will lift the muscles underneath, while the treatment lifts the skin on the surface", Georgios recommends.

"Alcohol and smoking should be minimised if you want to make the most of any cellulite treatment, as they both significantly contribute to cellulite", Georgios concludes.


Where to have it / how much it costs

Meso-CRF Body | Turmeric is exclusively provided at LipoTherapeia, in Central London

• Treatments cost £200/session, with discounts available for courses of 6x or 12x sessions
• Clinic location: LipoTherapeia, The Courtyard, 151 Sydney Street, London, SW3 6NT
• Info / telephone bookings: 0207 118 2014
• Secure online bookings:
• There is typically a 4-6 week waiting list for treatments on evenings and weekends in the summer, so book early to ensure availability. Daytime availability is usually better with 1-2 week lead time for bookings. Winter availability is typically very good.





Please contact LipoTherapeia on 02071182014 or reply to this email for more information, hi-res photos and to experience the treatment at the clinic.