63 hot tips for smoother, more toned, healthier legs this summer, from LipoTherapeia

Summer is here at last here, so what better time to heed some expert advice from skin tightening specialist Georgios Tzenichristos, of London aesthetic practice LipoTherapeia?

Leg perfection is not the aim any more for most women, as accepting and loving one’s body is at last becoming the norm. So the emphasis here is on healthy legs first and on making the most of what one already has - not trying to look like a B-list celebrity after a series of successive surgeries and questionable injections.

Out go painful and invasive procedures, crazy and neurotic diets and unachievable and fake “before and after” pics - and in come tips on leg wellness and realistic results based on a wholesome, balanced lifestyle and natural procedures with no needles, pain or side effects.

Nutritionist and skin tightening expert Georgios Tzenichristos, a longtime proponent of natural skincare, has compiled an epic list of 63 detailed tips on leg wellness, based on two decades of experience. Georgios has spent several months writing this list (all 20,000 words of it), the complete version of which is found at www.lipotherapeia.com/legs.

Georgios has divided this comprehensive list in four parts: ten essentials tips, covering the basics of leg wellness; ten tips for fast, last-minute results before the holidays; the top fifteen leg-friendly nutrients and foods; and twenty-four tips on what not to do and what doesn’t work, i.e. the infamous cellulite myths that have been doing the rounds of the internet and magazines for decades now (you know things like ground coffee scrubbing and “cellulite exercises” that simply don’t exist).

Here we share an interesting list of twelve of those tips:

  1. Try contrast showers on your legs to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage. Summer is the perfect time for them and can leave your legs healthy and buzzing with vitality.

  2. Have you tried uphill interval running or fast fartlek training? These types of exercises make the most of your time and stimulate your metabolism more than almost any other form of exercise.

  3. Discover polyphenols (pronounced poly-FEE-nawls), the magic word for leg health. Luckily pomegranates, berries, citrus fruits and red wine are packed with this stuff!

  4. Have a “smart" protein shake, packed with high-flavanol cocoa powder and high-curcumin turmeric powder: flavanols for circulation, turmeric for inflammation and protein to boost your skin collagen and elastin protein levels.

  5. Don’t fry anything: frying damages (oxidises) fat and oils and those damaged fats are incorporated in your mitochondria membranes, causing fatigue, inflammation and free radical damage on your legs and whole body.

  6. Improve your polyphenol vs calorie ratio with black rice (not to be confused with wild rice), the ultimate “carb”. Mix with some salmon, wakame seaweed, lemon juice and a cup of green tea for the ultimate "healthy legs" meal.

  7. Forget about coffee bean scrubbing - no caffeine will ever leave the coffee fibres, cross your skin and reach your cellulite fat cells. So all you achieve with it is some exfoliation - and nothing else.

  8. Discover centella asiatica, the ultimate leg herb! You can have centella tea, centella supplements (and even radiofrequency treatments with centella extract, provided at LipoTherapeia).

  9. Forget those leg exercises that are supposed to fight cellulite on stubborn areas, they simply don’t work - proven by science.

  10. Switch from the contraceptive pill to the coil or other non-hormonal contraception methods: estrogen-based hormonal contraception is a common cause of cellulite, water retention and poor circulation (consult with your GP first).

  11. Embrace decaf: packed with antioxidants, but none of the caffeine, decaf tea, decaf green tea and decaf coffee are actually some of the most potent superfoods. And no, decaffeination is not done with chemicals since decades now - caffeine is removed with just water.

  12. Liposuction is definitely not the answer to cellulite. It will only remove the fat under the cellulite and will actually leave your skin looser.

“I am sure some of these tips are already known and some are unexpected, but I hope that by reading this list most women (and men, tip #38!) will learn something new and apply at least some of those tips to improve not just their leg health and appearance, but their overall body health. Because what undermines leg health and appearance, i.e. poor circulation, chronic low grade inflammation, free radical damage, glycation etc, also undermines whole body health. By following these tips, I hope people can be inspired to improve their daily habits for a healthier body, with smoother, more toned legs being a nice side effect.”, Georgios explains.

The full, 63-strong list can be found at LipoTherapeia’s website.

Georgios’ non-invasive skin tightening, cellulite and anti-ageing treatments (no fillers, injections or botox) are exclusively available from his practice at the Chelsea Private Clinic in London (www.lipotherapeia.com).

Georgios can be contacted at lipotherapeia.com/contact, on 02071182014 or by replying to this email.