Meso-CRF® skin tightening & cellulite treatments for Models and dancers

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Models do suffer from loose skin and cellulite

As a model you know that a slim, smooth, toned body is essential for your career. Photoshop can indeed eliminate flaws but in all cases it is better to start without flaws in the first place if you want to get the best paid jobs.

Ideally you are very slim, either due to good genes or hard work, or both, but on the other hand you do not live in isolation from today's unhealthy environment and lifestyle. This environment and lifestyle will in time lead to the development of cellulite and skin looseness, unless you do something about it. The fact is that good genes can only protect your figure for so many years, unless you live an 100% natural, wholesome lifestyle - and who does these days?

Smoking, drinking, stress, hormonal contraception (pills, injections and patches), caffeine and other stimulants, constant dieting, yo-yo diets, low protein foods, frequent fasts and other dietary mistakes take a toll on skin firmness, connective tissue health and blood vessel strength, eventually leading to the development of cellulite, skin looseness and fluid retention. This may be a slow, incipient process that doesn't become too evident initially, but it slowly builds up to become more pronounced, usually by the age of thirty, and sometimes earlier. In summary, depending too much on your genetic inheritance may be allowing your skin to slowly become loose and cellulite to develop.

So, unless you exercise regularly, follow a healthy diet and in general adopt a healthy lifestyle, then fat, cellulite, fluid retention and skin looseness will also develop in your case, albeit more slowly than people less endowed with a model's genes. Therefore, cellulite treatments - used as a supplement to a less than perfect diet and exercise regime - are equally important to you as they are to any other woman. And since your career depends on your legs looking firm and smooth, then having regular cellulite prevention treatments and applying a good anti-cellulite cream is probably more important to you than to the average office worker who covers her body under trousers for most of the year.

For 25+ tips on how to prevent / reduce cellulite naturally, being a model or not, simply scroll to the bottom of this page.


Intensive skin tightening and cellulite prevention & reduction for models and dancers

The best skin tightening and cellulite removal technology available today is deep tissue monopolar radiofrequency. Monopolar, deep tissue radiofrequency focuses on the dermis and subcutaneous fat, where the majority of collagen fibres, cellulite and deep fat are located. It helps tighten up the skin, reduce local fat, boost circulation and remove cellulite, all at the same time. Electro-mesotherapy, can also help with cellulite/fat removal and skin firming, by providing valuable actives to the skin from outside, but only if a highly concentrated mix of several natural active ingredients is used. And high-power ultrasound cavitation can help break down fatty deposits and cellulite by vibrating fat cells and literally bursting them up via a process called cavitation.

Meso-CRF® combines all these three technologies, at the same time, thereby offering maximum results at minimum cost and at the least possible time. Meso-CRF® is provided with a treatment gel-cream which comprises several high quality, active ingredients in high concentrations and specific to the needs of slim women with cellulite and skin laxity: hyaluronic acid, gotu kola / centella asiatica, caffeine, forskolin, retinol and multiple other actives. The combination of three technologies and multiple, high quality, high purity, high concentration active ingredients aims to fight cellulite, skin looseness offer the best chance to reduce cellulite and boost skin tightening, in a natural, non-invasive way.



At LipoTherapeia, we only specialise in radiofrequency, cavitation and electro-mesotherapy and we only practise cellulite reduction and skin tightening for the face & body. We provide 1000 such treatments per year (6000 Meso-CRF® treatments provided so far), so you are guaranteed to receive expert consultation and treatment.

Our technique, developed over 6 years and based on our deep understanding of radiofrequency Physics, is the most advanced available today and very specific to deep collagen tightening and cellulite fat reduction (action on the dermis and subdermis). This is in contrast to the majority of RF treatments that work on the epidermis and have no effect on deep skin tightening and cellulite.

The same knowledge ensures that Meso-CRF® is pain-freenon-invasive and requires zero downtime, in contrast to most other radiofrequency treatments.

Of course Meso-CRF® is not a miracle treatment, but if you wish to prevent / reduce cellulite, saggy skin and stretch marks, then Meso-CRF® is arguably the safest and most advanced non surgical anti-cellulite / skin tightening treatment available, provided by a real cellulite expert with 16 years' experience (please note that, as with any treatment or body product, results vary from person to person).



  • Areas treated: knees, thighs, hips, bottom, stomach, waist, upper arms, décolletage / breast, under-chin, face, under-eye
  • Number of sessions recommended: 6-12x weekly / fortnightly sessions, depending on severity
  • Maintenance treatments: once a month or a course of 3x/6x sessions once a year to maintain firmness and prevent cellulite
  • Typical price: £160/session (special discounts are available for models - please call us on 02071182014 for more details)
  • Call us on: 0207 118 2014 for free expert advice