Obese children who take up exercise become smarter too, not just thinner

Exercise makes obese children smarter, thinner and more disciplined when it comes to food

In this 9-month study on 77 obese and 77 non-obese children (8-9 year olds), it was shown that physical activity not only reduces body fat, but also improved their cognitive ability.

The most interesting fact, however, is that the improvement is cognitive performance was directly related to the reduction of visceral adipose tissue (belly fat) and that this reduction also led to better "inhibition control". This in simple English means that the more those obese children lost stomach fat, the more they they also became mentally disciplined in their avoidance of overeating - leading to more weight loss!


Georgios' comment

This study makes quite a lot of sense, especially when considering previous studies that show improvement in cognitive function in adults with exercise, obviously due to improved circulation and reduced inflammation.

However, this study goes one step further and show that belly fat, a source of inflammation in the body, is a direct contributor to improvement of mental function and also that stomach fat reduction leads to more discipline - obviously attributed to reduced cravings due to reduced inflammation. Loads of food for thought!


Source [Clinical study]

Obesity, Visceral Adipose Tissue, and Cognitive Function in Childhood



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