Having a bit more subcutaneous fat can protect you from dementia

The obesity paradox

In this study on 1643 men over 36 years it was shown that those with higher subcutaneous (superficial fat) had a 10% lower chance of dementia (18% for more "plump" men, as opposed to 20% for the slimmer men).

This comes after a similar study has recently shown that cancer survival is higher on those with higher subcutaneous fat.

In fact, scientists coined a specific term for the increased protection from most diseases for those with increased fat, the "obesity paradox", and it was recently shown that it is subcutaneous fat that protects from disease, not deep (visceral) fat, such as a beer belly.



Triceps and Subscapular Skinfold in Men Aged 40-65 and Dementia Prevalence 36 Years Later



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