Hydroxyproline, leg wellness & cellulite

The aminoacid hydroxyproline is an integral part of the collagen molecule and therefore it plays a key role in collagen production and skin firming. For this reason, hydroxyproline is of great importance as active ingredient in anti-ageing, anti-celluliteleg wellnessskin firming and under-eye creams.



The hydroxyproline used for the Celluence® cellulite creams is of the highest quality and of >95% purity and in a highly bioavailable form for enhanced absorption by the skin. We are proud to feature high quality, highly purified hydroxyproline in our formulations, together with multiple other natural active ingredients, for maximum synergy and effectiveness. No other cellulite creams offer ALL the important anti-cellulite / leg wellness ingredients, in one package (learn how our creams differ from any other cellulite formulation).


Hydroxyproline: The science



Hydrolysed collagen supplements provide hydroxyproline to the skin

High hydroxyproline skin levels are known to boost skin firmness and collagen production and this study shows that indeed hydrolysed collagen supplements raise both blood and skin proline and hydroxyproline levels

[Source: Oral Ingestion of Collagen Hydrolysate Leads to the Transportation of Highly Concentrated Gly-Pro-Hyp and Its Hydrolyzed Form of Pro-Hyp into the Bloodstream and Skin]