Honesty, science, care



Science-based treatment

We are different to your usual cosmetic clinic or beauty salon.

In order to offer you the absolutely best advice, treatment and skin products we read all the new science papers regarding connective tissue, anti-ageing, skin tightening, adipose tissue and cellulite, every single day. We assess all new quality equipment that comes to market (there is no point trying cheap chinese machines). We test in the lab all new natural actives relative to skin tightening and cellulite removal. And we share some of this knowledge through this website.



No hype, no fake Instagram photos, no fake 'Groupon pricing'

At LipoTherapeia we do not do mass-market "cellulite treatments" provided with cheap machines, diluted products and random protocols. We do not use a misleading initial price of £800, only to then offer 90% Groupon discounts at £80. Our pricing is simple and clear.

We do not sell you miracles or make exaggerated claims about "instant cellulite removal", "fat melting" and "permanent skin tightening", "permanent non-surgical face lift" with just 1-3 sessions, as falsely advertised, sadly even by famous doctors, at many Harley Street clinics.

And we definitely do not post fake before and after pictures of C-list celebrities on Instagram with blatantly obvious Photoshop filters and shaded lighting, showing "amazing results in just one session", "non-surgical bum lift at your home" or "non-surgical liposuction", as is so fashionable lately. This is because we know that such results are biologically impossible (the body takes weeks and months to change - not minutes, hours or days).



Honesty, science-based advice, highest tech, boutique service

We always offer honest, science-based advice and the strongest SAFE skin tightening / cellulite treatments available today. At our practice you will receive quality treatment at modest prices - especially when considering our advanced technology, long experience and very expensive actives put in our treatment formulations. And you will be treated to a personal, boutique service, always provided by an expert.

We are highly specialised, so your therapist does not do any Hollywood waxing, manicures, laser hair removal, eyelash tinting or tattoo removal - just skin tightening, anti-ageing and cellulite.