When will I see results?

Meso-CRF® is the most powerful combination of ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency and needle-free mesotherapy available today and quite often provides impressive skin tightening and cellulite smoothening from the very first session.

Many women experience results and are able to feel, see and touch the first results from their very first session. The skin feels tighter and more lifted, the cellulite "bumps" are softer, and girth reduction experienced around the thigh, buttocks or stomach. A significant increase in circulation is also experienced and the skin feels healthy and invigorated.

Of course one session will not offer you long-term results. This is impossible, and in contrast to many salons and clinics in London we do not promise one-day miracle results, simply because those do not exist.

However, most clients start experiencing the first long-term results in 3-4 sessions, due to the cumulative effect of the treatment. In about 6 sessions the results are usually clear to see (except the worst cases) and long-lasting, if you follow a healthy lifestyle and do not put on weight or become sedentary again. For severe cases 12+ sessions may be needed for best results.

We cannot absolutely guarantee specific results at a specific time during your course, because nothing biological can be guaranteed, but what we can guarantee is that we offer you one of the best technology and protocols available to ensure that you achieve superior results.