Isn't fat dangerous? Can fat released by the treatment harm my health?

Can fat released by a cellulite or fat removal treatment block my arteries or damage my liver?

Has the fat released after you exercised for an hour or dieted for a day harm you?

If gentle dieting could block your arteries and damage your liver then a cellulite reduction treatment could also do so. But as you already know, dieting is universally recommended as a weight loss method. All that dieting does, is release fat into the circulation from your adipose tissues for consequent oxidation (burning) in the muscles and other tissues.

However, this is also exactly what a good anti-cellulite or local fat removal treatment does.


Cellulite/fat removal treatments release just about the same amount of fat as gentle dieting does - but from one specific area

In fact, even the best anti-cellulite or local fat loss treatment can just about release as many calories from your fat tissues as you can release on a day of dieting. The only difference is that a good cellulite/fat removal treatment focuses the fat release on the treated area for a localised fat loss/cellulite reduction effect.

On the other hand, with dieting you cannot control the area from which fat is released. If you could focus the fat release from one specific area, there would be no need for anti-cellulite/local fat loss treatments and you would not be visiting this website.


720 calories worth of cellulite/saddle bags per treatment

Even with the most effective anti-cellulite/fat loss treatment (such as our Meso-CRF Advanced Protocol Body treatment), no more than 1,000g of fat can be released over 12 sessions. In fact, most fat/cellulite removal treatments are so inefficient that they only remove a fraction of that amount. Now 1,000g of cellulite or fat might not sound a lot, but this amount of fat can make up literally hundreds of cellulite bumps on your skin - or a lot of saddle-bag-fat on the side of your thighs - and if removed it can radically change your appearance.

Now consider this. Even the best treatment can release a maximum of 1,000g of fat over 12 sessions. This is 80g of fat, equivalent to 720 calories, released per session.

On the other hand, every time you restrict your calorie intake by 720 calories by gently dieting for a day (crash diets involve 1,000 calories per day or more), 720 calories worth of fat is released by your adipose tissues throughout your body and ends up in the circulation for consequent oxidation (burning) in the muscles and other tissues.

If you continued this dieting for a month you would lose: 30 days * 80g/day = 2,4kg = 5lbs. This is hardly a dangerously radical weight loss, and yet it still involves 2.5x times more fat loss than 12 sessions of anti-cellulite treatments. The only difference between the two is that the treatment focuses the release of 1kg of fat from a "stubborn" area, whilst the diet makes you lose fat from all over the body - except the stubborn area!


Relax, your liver and arteries are not in danger either by losing weight or by having an anti-cellulite treatment

In summary, releasing fat into the circulation is part of the normal dieting process and if that fat could endanger people's lives, nobody would ever diet and doctors would advise people to stay overweight for their own benefit...

So relax, your arteries and liver are not in danger after an anti-cellulite treatment. This is not how biology works. And if in a parallel universe biology did work that way, a day of fasting (that typically leads to 1,500-2,000 calories worth of fat released into the bloodstream to feed the body) would be 2-3 times more dangerous than even the very best cellulite/fat removal treatment.