"How many? How long? How often? Is it painful? is it safe?"

Is treatment painful?
All our treatments are non-surgical, non-intrusive and pain-free, bruise-free, swelling-free, redness-free, downtime-free and side effect-free.


How long does a treatment last?
Introductory treatments last 75' and include assessment, consultation and full treatment.
All follow-up treatments last 45'. 


How often should I have treatment?
Treatments can be received from between three times a week to once a month, with equal effectiveness. Of course, it will take more time to see the same results if you have treatment every two weeks than if you have them twice a week. As an average, most of our clients receive their treatments once to twice per week.


When will I see results?
The treatment is geared towards long-term results, not temporary gimmicks and instant "miracles". Some results are seen on the first session but the first long-term results appear in 3-4 sessions.


How many sessions will I need?
Courses of 6-12 sessions offer best results. Of course, results vary from person to person but most women are satisfied with 6-12 sessions, with the few exceptions being clients who continue eating and drinking too much despite signing up for an anti-cellulite treatment, or for the more severe cases of clients whose bodies do not respond to the treatment fast enough, thereby necessitating more than 12 treatments for satisfactory results.


Do I need to commit/pay it all in advance?
As our prices are extremely low, volume discounts for courses of 3x, 6x, 12a or 2x are only available with prepayment of the full course. However, you can assess how powerful and effective our Meso-CRF®  treatments are by having an introductory session and comparing it with literally any other treatment in London and abroad.


How long do results last?
After you finish your course of treatments, results are maintained for up to two years - if you follow an optimal, healthy, active lifestyle.


Do I need maintenance treatments?
With a less healthy lifestyle maintenance treatments once a month are typically recommended to maintain the results of the treatment indefinitely.


Who provides the treatment?
All treatments are provided by an expert (NOT a machine operator or beauty therapist) with 15 years experience in skin firming and cellulite/fat reduction and with deep knowledge of the physics and biology behind the treatment. We specialise 100% in radiofrequency, electro-mesotherapy and cavitation.


Is treatment safe?
Our treatments are extremely safe. After 4,000 sessions the last two years we only had eight cases of very mild swelling/sensitivity that resolved in a week, i.e. we only had mild irritation in only 0.4% of treatments provided. We currently provide about about 100 procedures every month and our clients receive the most effective and safe treatment possible.


What if I am pregnant or breastfeed?
If you are pregnant or are tryign to be pregnant you cannot receive radiofrequency or cavitation treatments, as they were never tested during pregnancy. Breastfeeding, however, is not a problem and you can have our treatments, but without the electro-mesotherapy active ingredients, to ensure they do not find their way into milk supply (small chance, but we have to ensure total safety)!


How competitive are your prices?
Because Meso-CRF® treatment simultaneously combines all of the above three technologies at the same time, a course of 6x Meso-CRF® sessions is equivalent to 18x separately available radiofrequency, electro-mesotherapy and cavitation treatments. So, hour-per-hour our prices are effectively one third of any other competing treatment, even without taking into account our advanced technology, products and expertise. You can check our check our prices and book by clicking on the link.


Do you have any before and after photos?
Contrary to most clinics in London, we display 23x "before and after" photos which were all taken at our own premises with our own clients (not stock photography) and are 100% genuine without the usual "dirty tricks" used for "before & after" photos displayed on most websites and newspaper articles (such as harsh lighting for the before photos and soft lighting for the after photos, or photoshop retouching) .


Do you do free consultations?
Yes, you can book one by calling us on 02071182014.