Do you do daily deal / coupon offers?

Impossible to offer an effective and safe radiofrequency, cavitation or mesotherapy treatment with decent customer service at £19 per session...

With daily deals the customer typically gets 80% discount and the deal website receives another 50% off the remaining 20% of the full price, leaving the clinic or salon with only 10% of the normal revenue. In our case, if we were to participate in a daily deal, we would make as low as £19 per treatment (the normal price of our Meso-CRF® treatment as part of a typical course of 6x sessions is £189). However, £19 would not even cover the consumables, let alone equipment purchase and maintenance cost, staff salary, business rent and bills.

It is apparent that the only reason to participate in a daily deals scheme is when you offer a treatment so ineffective that clients do not want to buy otherwise.


Focus on results, safety and effectiveness

Our focus is on providing visible results, in a safe and effective manner, and to achieve those results we use the absolutely best equipment and treatment products. Quality anti-cellulite and skin toning equipment (including ours) costs tens of thousands of pounds - in contrast to cheap equipment used by salons that take part in coupon offers. Quality skin products that do work are equally expensive.

Furthermore, to achieve great results and customer service, well-trained, well-paid, experienced staff are absolutely essential. By overworking and stressing low-paid, poorly trained, inexperienced staff in order to be able to participate in coupon offers, many salons and clinics compromise on treatment effectiveness, safety and customer service.

Thankfully, we enjoy enough customer loyalty and word of mouth, so we do not need to resort to putting safety, effectiveness and customer care at risk. Our focus on effectiveness and results means that 90% of our business is either due to word of mouth or repeat bookings and only 10% is due to new clients.

We want to be proud that we offer the best possible anti-cellulite and skin tightening treatment in London, and participating in coupon deals can only take our focus off this goal. No serious clinic or salon that respects their clients and staff participates in coupon offers, so neither do we.