But elsewhere I was promised permanent results

Nothing biological is permanent

In contrast  to some unscrupulous practitioners, we do not promise "permanent-results-no-matter-what", because nothing biological can be guaranteed, and more specifically, nothing biological can be guaranteed permanent.

A healthy lifestyle will maintain the results of your treatment for a very long time. On the other hand, a sedentary lifestyle will inevitably lead to skin looseness: if you don't use it you lose it! Similarly, sustained calorie surplus (i.e. eating and drinking more calories than you spend through exercise and daily movement) will inevitably lead to fat deposition and new cellulite creation. That's how human biology works.

A treatment or any other method can only reduce the existing cellulite, skin looseness and fat accumulation, i.e. it can only reduce the results of past unhealthy practices. Obviously, no treatment or surgery can reduce now new cellulite that you will create in the future by overeating and staying inactive. There is no vaccine against future cellulite or fat gain. So the promise you were given about "getting rid of my fat/cellulite for ever" was basically a lie.


Long-lasting results, prolonged with a healthy lifestyle

So we are honest and we do not promise "permanent" cellulite/fat reduction because such a thing simply does not exist. But we do promise "long-lasting" results, and we encourage all our clients to follow a healthy lifestyle in order to prolong those long-lasting results and make the most of their investment.

With an averagely healthy lifestyle the results of our treatment can be maintained for 18+ months. With a less healthy lifestyle, top-up treatments are recommended every month, or a course of 6 sessions every year.

This honest advice means that we attract less new customers - but on the other hand it helps us maintain the existing ones and leads to more personal recommendations!