The pioneering radiofrequency +
Centella Asiatica facial treatment




"While I only had one session, I saw immediate effects. My dry, dull British weather-beaten skin looked “glowing” as my friend told me. If I were to have the full six to 12 recommended sessions I'm sure my results would have been longer-lasting, but if you want to look fresh for a special event even one session does the job."
Evening Standard

"I wanted firmer skin but I couldn’t face needles, so I tried the Centella Asiatica facial treatment, as it’s often compared to Botox. Using radio frequency (so no pain), it drives high-performing ingredients to work at a deeper level, as well as improving the surface of the skin. And it works – after one session my skin is lovely and plump! Twelve sessions are recommended for results lasting 12-18 months."

Woman's Own

"It’s often been compared to muscle relaxing injections, but it is a different sort of treatment. It works on both the visible and deeper layers of skin at the same time. A week on, I can genuinely see a difference in my skin. The biggest difference is around the eyes, and I noticed that from day one. The skin has plumped up quite a bit, meaning that there are less visible lines. Today I can also see a difference in the lines around my mouth which appear to me to be smoother than they were a week ago."
Opposable Thumbs

"Within an hour or so, the redness was gone. Now I could finally see the results! My skin looked fresh, a more lifted and very glowy! It also was all plumped up so my fine lines looked smaller."
Beautiful with brains

"Just writing to say that I'm super-impressed with the result after just one treatment! It's really incredible! The skin is really tighter and more lifted! Wow! Thank you!"
Real testimony, E.Y.




Meso-CRF® Facial | Centella

Anti-ageing with emphasis on skin tightening

The exotic herb centella asiatica / gotu kola has been traditionally used for centuries, and widely researched for decades, for its skin healing, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, circulation boosting, anti-glycation and skin tightening properties, hence its primary use for our Meso-CRF® Facial | Centella treatment for the face, neck and décolletage. These benefits offer maximum impact against skin ageing and skin looseness when combined with our exclusive Deep Tissue Radiofrequency™. And the results speak for themselves!

We are the only clinic in London to use centella asiatica extract in our treatments for 15 years now, long before it became popularised by multinationals, so we have great expertise and only use the purest concentration and absolute best quality from sustainable resources.

And our Meso-CRF® Facial | Centella is the first and only anti-ageing facial treatment in the world to utilise high-power monopolar radiofrequency and 100% purified centella asiatica extract: pure asiatic acid, madecassic acid, asiaticoside and madecassoside (as opposed to the usual 0.5% centella extracts).

For full information on all the aspects of the Meso-CRF® Facial treatment click on the link below.



The essentials: how much, how many, where?

We know that the first questions on your mind are "how much", "how many sessions", "what body areas", "where is the clinic", so please check the essentials below, before you continue reading more about our treatments.

Typical price: £160/session (as part of a course of 6x sessions; full pricelist here)

Typical course of treatments: 6-12x sessions for long-term results (we don't sell three-session miracles)

How often: Twice a week, once a week, once in two weeks (up to you)

Maintenance after your course of 6x or 12x sessions: top-up treatment once every 4-8 weeks

Areas treated: entire face, jowl, neck, décolletage

Super-intensive, yet super-safe • Injection-free • Non-invasive • Never painful • Zero downtime

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