LipoTherapeia's Meso-CRF® treatments in Mayfair, London

LipoTherapeia's exclusive cellulite removal, localised fat reduction and skin tightening/lifting treatments have been available in Mayfair until 31/12/2012. Our previous address was: LipoTherapeia @ Michaeljohn Hair Salon, 25 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, W1H 4SU.

However, since 1st January 2013 LipoTherapeia has moved to The Hale Clinic, just off Regent's Park, and our Mayfair clients are now served from our new venue there. From 1st January 2013 LipoTherapeia has moved to: LipoTherapeia @ The Hale Clinic, 7 Park Crescent, London, W1B 1PF.

For bookings or for more information at our new venue in central London, please contact us here.


Important note:

Please note that our exclusive Meso-CRF treatments are NOT available at either the Michaeljohn Salon in Mayfair or at Michaeljohn Spa in Knightsbridge. They can only be found exclusively at our new premises at The Hale Clinic.