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It is true that most cellulite creams do not "work". But this is not because "creams do not get absorbed", as ignorant "experts" in the media believe. A well designed, highly concentrated, quality cellulite cream not only does get absorbed very well, but also does "work".

On the other hand, the same tabloid media and glossy magazines that proclaim on one page that "creams do not get absorbed", on another page they promise "instant fat melting" with the new wonder cellulite cream or treatment. Regardless of being negative or positive, hype sells...

To clarify the matter: most cellulite creams don't work indeed, but for entirely different reasons:

  • either because they are cheaply made, regardless of how expensive they are
  • or because women who buy them do not change at all their cellulite-causing lifestyle and expect creams to perform miracles, as the tabloids tell them

The few creams that work, do so by acting on multiple aspects of cellulite by way of the active ingredients contained in them. For example, curcumin is well known as an anti-inflammatory, caffeine is widely established as a lipolytic, escin is equally widely accepted as a circulation booster and gotu kola is proven as an effective natural skin firming chemical, to name but a few of the dozens of active ingredients that can be used in cellulite creams. As long as multiple research-proven actives are of high purity and contained in high concentrations they do indeed work - in combination with some healthy eating, alcohol avoidance and exercise, of course. Furthermore, if the cream is used before or after intensive exercise the results can be maximised.

One thing that most people do not know is that a well-designed quality cellulite cream, even an expensive one, can actually provide better value for money than a quality cellulite treatment, although it is admittedly more slow acting. But the combination can offer an optimum balance between speed of results and value for money.

In fact, concentrated cellulite creams, vegetable juicing, vibration / power plate training, berry fruits and interval training are the top ways to beat cellulite at home, for those who cannot afford a quality cellulite treatment.

On another note: no, it's not the massage action while applying the cream that provides results, it's the cream. It is physiologically impossible to reduce cellulite with a five-minute puny massage while applying a cream.

As a last comment: if you wish to get results from your cellulite cream, firstly choose one which contains multiple actives, of high purity and in high concentrations, don't just got some retinol or caffeine. Make sure you follow a super healthy, active lifestyle to make the most of it. And most importantly: use the cream twice-daily. It is amazing how many women forget to use their cream for days on end and still expect it to work...


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