Cellulite 101


the essential facts

On this page we will gradually add articles on all the essential information on cellulite and and how you can reduce it. A list of all the articles, in order of importance, is seen below:

Can I get rid of cellulite completely?


Connective tissue distortion and cellulite

Cellulite is a syndrome, i.e. an (aesthetic) condition with many causes and many aspects/symptoms. One of those aspects is fibrosis (collagen fibre deformity, scar tissue), which in combination with the excess fat accumulation and water retention, forms the familiar cellulite "lumps".

With cellulite, those fibres become deformed, i.e. shortened, thickened, over-stretched and thinned, as opposed to being of equal length and equal thickness. This connective tissue damage is permanent. It can be reduced by treatments, but only to a certain extent (not completely).


Even if all the cellulite fat is removed, the fibrotic tissues maintain the cellulite appearance

So even if all the cellulite fat is removed from the area (which is quite a tall order in the first place), the connective tissue deformity left behind (let's call it the "skeleton" of cellulite) will still be evident. This means that cellulite cannot be removed completely and perfectly.

Cellulite can be significantly reduced though, with the right anti-cellulite treatment combined with a quality anti-cellulite cream and lifestyle changes.

If cellulite is recent (less than 6 months) and mild (level 2 or less), all of it can be removed, as the connective tissue deformations have not been established for long and they can be reversed to a large extent, even with just diet and exercise and/or a good anti-cellulite cream.

However, severe cellulite or cellulite established for years cannot be completely eliminated.


Early detection and prevention is the key

The problem is that by the time cellulite becomes properly evident it is already quite well established and therefore not completely removable - or it is fully removable only with great difficulty.

The only way to prevent cellulite being established is to diagnose it early, i.e. pay attention to the first signs of skin dimpling and take action immediately: exercise more, eat more healthily, drink less alcohol, quit smoking, stop hormonal contraception, apply a quality anti-cellulite cream with a high concentration of active ingredients (most cellulite creams are too "diluted" to work), and if possible have a course of 6x quality anti-cellulite treatments.


The "get rid of your cellulite" marketing lie

Now you know that in 95% of cases cellulite cannot be "rid of" and it can only be reduced.

So next time you see this claim, you will know that whoever makes it is either ignorant or they are simply lying - usually the latter. Don't fall victim to such misleading marketing and look for a therapist with integrity who will honestly help you to reduce cellulite.

In most cases, to significantly reduce cellulite, a course of 6-12 sessions of a strong cellulite treatment is usually necessary. More than 12 sessions are needed in severe cases or if treated with less strong/effective treatments (unfortunately most cellulite treatments do not really work).

And contrary to all the marketing hype found on the internet and printed media, one, two or even three sessions will not cut it, regardless of how hyped-up or expensive the treatment is. The body needs repeated stimulation, i.e. repeated treatments, over a period of weeks or months - not hours and days - to change.


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Do i first lose weight and then treat my cellulite?


If you are overweight or have a few extra pounds

...you might think that cellulite or skin firmness are not be so important, as losing the excess weight throughout the body is the main priority, both for esthetic and health reasons.

Most women wait until they lose all the excess weight before even thinking of working on their skin firmness and cellulite. However, this is the most counter-productive thing you can do.


Why cellulite and local fat reduction works better when you also lose weight

This is because cellulite treatments work by stimulating the release of fat from "stubborn" areas. This released fat must then be oxidised (burned) by the body so that it does not return into the same fat cells.

When you lose weight, you accelerate this fat release and you also ensure that the released fat is burned, i.e. eliminated from your body for good. For this reason, all cellulite removal treatments work much better if you also lose weight at the same time.

However, if you wait to lose the bulk of your weight first and then embark on a cellulite reduction treatment, you lose the advantage that weight loss offers you and results are less pronounced and take more time to occur.

So, the advice for you is, if you are on a weight loss phase and you do want to reduce your cellulite with a treatment and/or a cream, do not wait, have this treatment and apply that cream now, whilst you lose weight, for maximum results.


Why it is better to receive a skin tightening treatment whilst you lose weight

When you put on weight your skin becomes looser for two reasons:

  • You create excess skin (expand your skin surface) to accommodate the extra volume that the deposited fat occupies
  • Your fat cells under your skin (subcutaneous adipocytes) break down the collagen structure on your skin in order to expand. Broken down collagen (i.e. less collagen) means less firmness. Less firmness and more fat is what we call "flab"

Unfortunately, when you lose weight your skin does not contract fast enough and rarely contracts fully, so you are left with excess or loose skin. Furthermore, the damaged collagen structure does not recover quickly enough. Actually, it rarely recovers fully on it's own.

Given that even with the best possible treatments skin firmness occurs slowly, it is a good idea to start receiving skin tightening treatments and/or applying skin firming creams as soon as you start your weight loss process, otherwise you will have to wait several weeks (and most probably months) before you achieve your desired skin tone levels.


Most cellulite treatments also work on skin firmness

As many cellulite treatments/creams also work on skin firmness, by receiving a strong treatment or applying a  quality cream WHILST you lose weight, you kill three birds with one stone:

  • you tighten up your skin
  • and you also treat cellulite

This ensures that by the end of your weight loss effort you achieve maximum results at the minimum time and with the minimum expense.

Otherwise, if you start your treatments or use creams after you lose all the weight, you will need more treatments to achieve the same results, costing you time and money.


Having a treatment motivates you to lose weight and to stay on track

Furthermore, having a treatment once a week and/or applying a cream twice a day will also motivate you to stay on track with your weight loss: you will want to make the most of your money so you will lose weight with more determination and less distraction.

So my advice is, don't put it off and don't wait to lose the weight to deal with the other problems - work on all of them at the same time, for a synergistic effect and for extra motivation!


This advice applies to everyone who loses weight - not only the overweight and obese

Any anti-cellulite and/or local fat loss treatment becomes more effective when simultaneously combined with weight loss. So you do not need to be overweight to follow this advice - it applies to everyone who is on a weight loss phase and also wants to firm up and smoothen up their skin.

A strong cellulite treatment and/or a concentrated cellulite cream WILL work regardless of weight loss or not, but it will be much more efficient if it is combined with weight loss.


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How to get rid of cellulite




One of the most common questions I am asked is: "how to get rid of cellulite on legs fast with diet and exercise". My honest answer is that you cannot get rid of cellulite completely - forget what marketers say - although you can substantially reduce it. And that you cannot get rid of it fast only with diet and exercise. However, you can seriously accelerate its reduction with treatment and creams.

Newly visible cellulite (less than 6 months old, mild orange peel appearance) may "go" completely if you revert to an anti-cellulite lifestyle: regular exercise, no contraceptive pill and limited smoking & drinking; plus a diet low in sugar, fried food and excess carbs and rich in lean protein, vegetables, herbs and fruits (no fruit juices). These measures are ideal to prevent cellulite from forming, and they can also moderately and slowly reduce established cellulite, producing limited to moderate improvement within 6-12 months.



For faster cellulite removal, combine the anti-cellulite lifestyle described above with a multi-ingredient, highly concentrated cellulite cream, and a comprehensive, intensive cellulite treatment (radiofrequency / cavitation / electro-mesotherapy / intensive cellulite massage).

A strong cream will provide better value for money than a strong treatment and will work on aspects of cellulite that a treatment can't, such as fibrosis, glycation and oxidative damage. On the other hand, a strong treatment will provide much faster results than a strong cream, but at a higher cost. The combination will offer a good balance of value for money and speed of results, and will tackle all seven aspects of cellulite.


WHAT DOESN'T WORK for cellulite

Do not bother with cheap, non-intensive treatments provided by low power, basic machines. And do not bother with one-ingredient / low concentration creams (usually based on cheap caffeine). In both cases nothing will happen and you will waste both time and money. Cellulite surgery is not an option either: one surgical technique (tissue coagulation with laser) typically causes scar tissue worse than cellulite; and the other two (cutting the hypodermal septa with a laser or with a lancet) produce flabby, jelly-like skin, which also typically looks worse than cellulite.



Of course, there is no point paying good money for a cellulite cream and/or treatment and then undermine the whole process by drinking, eating, smoking and being sedentary as usual. Our 17-year experience shows that the best solution is the combination of the anti-cellulite lifestyle, as described above, with a strong anti-cellulite cream and a strong anti-cellulite treatment.


How to tighten skin

The exact same diet and exercise described above, is also essential to maintain skin firmness on the body and to gradually - and mildly - help improve it within several months to a year. For more impressive and faster results (i.e. within several weeks, instead of several months) you will need to have a strong, deep, monopolar radiofrequency treatment - the only body skin tightening technology / treatment that actually does work. Everything else, including light, superficial or monopolar RF, will provide very slow or no results.

Injection-free mesotherapy combined with radiofrequency can help too, but only if it is done with multiple actives in high concentrations - otherwise it is pointless. Injection-based mesotherapy, is useless for skin tightening - all bruising and no results. A good, concentrated home use cream, rich in multiple skin firming actives, can play a valuable supportive role, if used during treatment and at home.

Some laser treatments and high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) can help firm facial skin (but NOT body skin), but they are not as effective as radiofrequency and are not anywhere nearly as safe. LED phototherapy treatment is insignificant for skin firming (too weak and too superficial to firm the skin) compared to strong monopolar radiofrequency. There is simply no comparison, despite all the marketing hype.



Although our physical appearance does not determine who we are, it has an effect on how we feel about ourselves internally, without even taking the opinion of others into account. People appreciated health and beauty since the beginning of time - it has nothing to do with today's glossy magazines and Instagram - and for good reason. Improving how we look makes us feel better about ourselves too.

You don't need to be stuck with cellulite, skin ageing and skin looseness. With today's technology, some exercise and some healthy eating, everyone can make an effort and have THEIR best body ever. Everyone has a different starting point: you have good firmness but possibly bad cellulite, or good muscle mass but poor circulation etc. No one is perfect and everyone can improve. Everyone can look THEIR best.

Don't compare yourself with anybody else. Set your own goals and have the best body YOU can personally have!

Be the best YOU can be!