Caffeine and your skin

Lipolysis, water retention, fat/cellulite reduction

Caffeine, found in coffee berries (coffea arabica and coffea robusta), tea leaves (camellia sinensis), mate leaves (ilex paraguayensis) and guarana berries (paullinia cupana), among other plants, is the most widely established natural lipolytic chemical, and also enhances blood circulation (caffeine enhances the lipolytic process and boosts circulation via phosphodiesterase and adenosine inhibition on fat cells and blood vessels).



For these reasons, caffeine is one of the most popular actives in anti-cellulite, leg wellnesscontouring and under-eye creams [the Celluence® cellulite creams are the only creams in the world with pure caffeine contained in liposome form for easy absorption, plus 39 synergistic natural actives for maximum results with cellulite reduction and leg wellness].