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What causes cellulite and loose skin during pregnancy

During pregnancy cellulite becomes more pronounced, fat accumulates in certain parts of the body, circulation suffers and the skin becomes looser. This is due to several factors:

Estrogen is produced in higher amounts, especially during the last few months of gestation. Excess oestrogen increases the number of fat cells (stimulates adipocyte proliferation) on the thighs, hips and buttocks - especially on the surface of the skin of those areas, contributing to cellulite.
Furthermore, excessive oestrogen has a negative effect on circulation and blood coagulation, leading to water retention, which also contributes to cellulite.
Excess weight, pressure on the pelvic veins & lymph vessels and reduced movement also cause water retention, also contributing to cellulite.
Excess food intake (more than needed for the healthy growth of the baby), unhealthy food intake due to cravings and sedentary habits (regular exercise such as walking and yoga is essential during pregnancy) increase fat accumulation in the body, contributing to cellulite.
In addition, fat tissue tries to expand to accommodate the surplus fat accumulated due to excessive food intake and low exercise levels. Tis expansion leads ton the breaking down of collagen tissue around it, making the skin and connective tissue looser in the process.
The excess volume of fat, water retention (and that of the baby) stretch the skin, further increasing skin looseness and undermining skin firmness.

As you can see, different factors combine to undermine your appearance after pregnancy, especially if you do not exercise and if you consume much more food than needed during pregnancy.


Reduce cellulite and firm up loose, saggy skin after pregnancy with Meso-CRF® technology and the Celluence® creams

After labour, exercise and healthy eating can help minimise some of those problems over time. However, this process is very slow and quite often inefficient, so a strong skin-tightening / cellulite-reducing treatment and a highly concentrated cellulite cream are necessary for faster results.

It is widely accepted today that the most effective skin tightening and cellulite removal technology available today is deep-acting, high-intensity radiofrequency. There are many types of RF treatments available today, some focusing very deep inside the body (e.g. on the muscles and joints for physiotherapy) and some very superficially (e.g. for acne removal).

Deep tissue radiofrequency focuses on the dermis, hypodermis and subcutaneous fat, where the majority of collagen fibres, fat and cellulite are located, thereby helping tighten up the skin, boost circulation and remove cellulite. Electro-mesotherapy, a technology that helps your skin increase absorption of active ingredients into the skin can also help with cellulite and skin firming, but only if a highly concentrated mix of multiple natural active ingredients is used. And ultrasound cavitation can help break down fatty deposits and cellulite by stimulating fat release from fat cells; by destabilising fat cells; and by mechanically breaking fat cells.

Meso-CRF® combines these three technologies, all at the same time, thereby offering maximum results with skin tightening, cellulite and stretch marks after pregnancy* at minimum cost and at the least possible time. Meso-CRF® is provided with a treatment gel-cream which comprises several high quality, active ingredients in high concentrations and specific to the needs of post-pregnancy skin with cellulite, water retention and skin laxity. These include vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin A (retinol), hydroxyproline, centella asiatica, forskolin, caffeine, escin, hyaluronic acid and several other actives.


LipoTherapeia: the skin tightening / cellulite experts

At LipoTherapeia, we only specialise in radiofrequency, cavitation and electro-mesotherapy and we only practise cellulite reduction and skin tightening for the face & body. We provide 1000 such treatments per year (6000 Meso-CRF® treatments provided so far), so you are guaranteed to receive expert consultation and treatment.

Our technique, developed over 6 years and based on our deep understanding of radiofrequency Physics, is the most advanced available today and very specific to deep collagen tightening and cellulite fat reduction (action on the dermis and subdermis). This is in contrast to the majority of RF treatments that work on the epidermis and have no effect on deep skin tightening and cellulite.

The same knowledge ensures that Meso-CRF® is pain-freenon-invasive and requires zero downtime, in contrast to most other radiofrequency treatments.

Of course Meso-CRF® is not a miracle treatment, but if you suffer from cellulite, saggy skin and stretch marks after pregnancy then Meso-CRF® is arguably the safest and most advanced non surgical anti-cellulite / skin tightening treatment available, provided by a real cellulite expert with 16 years' experience (please note that, as with any treatment or body product, results vary from person to person).

* Please note that Meso-CRF® and the Celluence® creams are not suitable for you if you are trying to get pregnant, during pregnancy or during breast feeding



  • Areas treated: thighs, hips, bottom, stomach, waist, upper arms, décolletage / breast

  • Number of sessions recommended: 6-12x weekly / fortnightly sessions, depending on severity

  • Maintenance treatments: once a month or a course of 3x/6x sessions once a year to maintain firmness and prevent cellulite

  • Typical price: £200/session

  • Call us on: 0207 118 2014 for free expert advice