Exclusive treatment combines the best radiofrequency technology with the highest quality hyaluronic acid

You are invited to try our new Meso-CRF® Hyaluronic Acid treatments, based on the combination of: 

  • Our Meso-CRF® technology: deep tissue radiofrequency, such as the one we use, is universally acknowledged to be the best skin tightening, lifting and facial slimming/contouring technology known today
  • The anti-ageing, skin firming and skin plumping benefits of 6x different types of hyaluronic acid, one of nature's most amazing anti-ageing compounds


The lowdown on hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural anti-ageing and skin moisturising compound which is found naturally in the body and whose demise with age is associated with ageing, dehydration and loss of skin firmness. For this reason, hyaluronic acid all the rage today with more and more cosmetic companies incorporating it into their products. 

There are many different specifications of this amazing compound, with molecular weights (MW) being the most important. Higher MW does not penetrate the skin very well but keeps it moisturised and fresh. On the other hand, lower MW hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin more effectively, and the lower the molecular weight the deeper the penetration.

We have been using hyaluronic acid for almost a decade in our formulations and I am proud to say that we are the first aesthetic clinic in London to use the new ultra-low molecular weight “oligo” hyaluronic acid, which is currently the lowest MW available worldwide, thereby ensuring the deepest penetration possible. Any other formulation on the market contains just one molecular weight and extremely few worldwide contain the ultra-low one that penetrates deeply.

In addition, we are also the only clinic that uses five other molecular weights for variable penetration into the skin, from the uppermost layer of the epidermis to the innermost layer of subdermis. The use of radiofrequency further enhances penetration for impressive anti-ageing skin benefits inside and out.

The result is deep hydration and anti-ageing provided by the total  of six types of hyaluronic acid combined with the skin tightening and anti-ageing provided by radiofrequency, for an immediately plumper, fresher and firmer skin. With repeated application of this relaxing procedure long-lasting skin tightening and anti-ageing results are achieved.


The best hyaluronic acid available

We are really proud and excited that we can offer you such an amazing ingredient combined with our radiofrequency treatment. Our high quality, very expensive (£1,500/kg) hyaluronic acid is literally second to none and for this quality and this concentration it is literally impossible to find a similar treatment anywhere else, in London or abroad, at any price.